Life with three kids?!?!

That is the thought that went through my mind when one day  I looked up at I was the mother of three kids and I was only 31 years old. In my mind I kept did this happen to me? Do not get me wrong..I love all of my kids but I was not prepared to have a baby, a  busy 15 month old and a rebelling 10 year old all under one roof. As I looked at my kids one day in the backseat of my car I said to myself, “this only happens in the movies!”

As I lamented to my husband about all of the new stress and responsibilities that I was going to have to deal with he looked at me and basically said, “that’s what you do when you have with it.”  I took those words and a year later I think I am adjusting pretty well. Sure in between sleepless nights, mornings were I drop each child spawn to a different location, field trips,  homework and everything  else I actually think I am doing a pretty “narly” job.

The other morning I actually got to make breakfast and get each child

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dressed without an accident! **pats self on back**  But more mornings (and evenings) than not I am literally juggling numerous things in addition to making business calls and a host of other things I have to get done. I have tried to implement a strict schedule but those things never work because something ALLWAYS goes wrong. Then to make things even more difficult, each child has their own distinct needs. The pre teen wants to do cool stuff where my two toddlers want to watch Barney or run around the house making noises like someone is killing them.

For example, last month I sent my son to the  school  Valentine’s Day dance. He is 10 years old and he is at the point where girls are starting to stop being so yucky and more like attractive so he was so excited to go. I went and bought him an outfit and even had to hear a 10 minute story about how a girl is always staring at him in class. So the school dance started at 4 (while he was at aftercare )and the plan was for him to be ready at 6pm right around the time when I would have gotten all of the other kids and we would be heading home. So I went and picked up all the kids and I pulled up to his school  around 6:00pm  but there was no sign of him.  I sat in the car for about 15 minutes because I knew from experience that the worst thing a parent can do to a pre teen is to go into the school while a dance was happening.

After waiting I began to get concerned so I proceeded  to unbuckle my two toddlers out of the car and walk into the school. Lord and behold who do I see doing the Dougie (and  a host of other dances) with all the kids around him?? Yes, my son.  I mean he was dancing hard..and get this there were several girls around him cheering him on! When he saw me he had a look of horror on his face so he quickly ushered me outside. He quickly said he would be done in a minute and just wanted to dance a little while longer. I decided to be understanding and I agreed he could stay another 20 minutes. Looking like the mean parent, I walked back out to my car and waited for 1 and half more hours.

By the time he got in the car, I had two little kids crying and raising sheer hell!  Adding “fuel to the fire” I saw him talk to at least 5 different girls on the way out ! To say I was mad was the least! After all of the screaming (by me).. I think he finally understood the importance of doing what he said he was going to do. When we finally got home around 8:00pm, I had to quickly feed two toddlers, cook dinner and get them all bathed and showered. By the time my husband came home he had no idea the chaos that had ensued earlier.

As the weather gets warmer I realize these dances (and other fun things) will increase. Is this what I have to look forward to? Am I ready for the (gulp) teenage years? What am I going to do???


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2 Responses to Life with three kids?!?!

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  2. Monica J says:

    great post! i can’t imagine having a 10 year old and two little ones. My boys are 3 and 4 – I understand women who say “if my shoes match, i’m having a good day”.. lol. Most days are a zoo. Kudos to you for being patient, loving and understanding…

    Have a good one!

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