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Planning for the Worse

I know we don’t like to talk about death and especially the death of children. We as parents are not suppose to bury our kids but sometimes life does not work out to be so cut and dry. I have … Continue reading

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What About Our Children?

I was really, really saddened with the news of the mother, Lashanda Armstrong, who drove her car into a river, killing herself, 3 of her kids and mentally scarring the fourth one for life. When I read this story I was disturbed but I … Continue reading

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Bedtime Woes

It seems mommy duties are never done…even in our sleep! Last night I performed my normal mommy routine! “Ok, time for bed! TV’s off, night lights on, no toys in the bed, I’m coming to tuck you in!” Now you … Continue reading

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Honey! What Are We Going to Do With the Kids?

Every summer it never fails… around May 1st I start worrying about where I am going to send my kids for summer camp,especially my oldest one. At first I casually ask other parents where their kids are doing for the … Continue reading

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Meet the Layaway Queen

I am in the class called the working poor so I can’t afford the luxury of buying things when I want or even when I need them so I do the next best thing put everything on layaway. I am … Continue reading

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My Kids are Addicted to What??

It started out all innocent like–they tried a little bit and the next thing you know it was a problem I could not control. My two-year old and 14 month old children would ask for  some in the morning, in … Continue reading

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Swear Words taste like Dial Antibacterial Soap

Disclaimer* I neither condone or condemn how you choose to raise or discipline your children. This blog is hypothetical though it may or may not be based on events factual or fictional.  Dial has not authorized the use of it’s … Continue reading

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