World Autism Awareness Day

It’s been three years since  autism came into my life.  I can still clearly remember watching my bouncing baby boy struggle to find words he used to say easily and descending into his own little world. He went from singing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to running in a circle for hours everyday. Those early days were tough. I questioned myself, my husband, my sanity, and I was very afraid that the baby I was carrying was going to have “special needs” too. While it has absolutely brought some challenges, autism has brought some unexpected gifts too.

1. Patience- All of my children get the benefit of the doubt now.  Maybe even too much according to my dad! Even my two “typical” kids have wacky days so I take it all in stride now. “This too shall pass,” right? But seriously couldn’t we all stand to be a little more patient with our kids?

2. Charity- I’m far more likely to financially support charity than ever before. Even with less available resources than my younger self I do more. I understand the struggles of disadvantaged populations firsthand and purposefully teach my children to see the trials of others. What do you teach your kids about charity?

3. Volunteerism– We have logged serious hours volunteering together.  I’m going to start keeping track so we can do more each year. We have done things I never imagined and had a blast! You want tired children on a saturday night? Spend the day landscaping a senior’s yard or helping out at a 5k. Bedtime is a breeze! (that’s a mom to mom freebie) What kinds of volunteer projects has your family done?

So on this World Autism Awareness Day I invite you to show your support by:
1. Shining a blue light. Go to
2. Donating to Autism Speaks.
3. Love your babies- Those who are loved spread love!


About TonieReynolds

I'm a not so super Supermom of three. If I had to describe my life in 10 words or less, I might say: "Successfully navigating the art of not losing your mind."
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One Response to World Autism Awareness Day

  1. ShaylaB says:

    Great list of unexpected gifts! It really made me think…what am I teaching my children?

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