6 Things Your Child Care Provider Wants You to Know…

After almost 10 years in the business of childcare I have encountered some pretty crazy situations with some even sillier parents. After much thought I have compiled a list of things a childcare provider would like parents to know. In many cases we are too nice to tell you these things face to face. I’m here to help you out and list a few for your information ☺

1. Be respectful of our time – we love your children like they are own…really we do! However, in many cases we have our own children and we would like to spend separate time with them. Be mindful and respectful of the fact that we also may have things to do after work. Many of us work 10 plus hours per day (whether the director of a center or an in home) therefore appointments, extra-curricular school activities or perhaps another job all have to come after our center closes. Be mindful and pick up your child on time – know that your child’s teacher has a life after school hours.

2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! – I can’t emphasis this enough! Many parents look to friends, other family or even other parents whose students go to the school for answers to questions or concerns they could easily direct to the director. In many cases things get thrown out of proportion or concerns don’t get addressed and questions don’t get answered. Don’t want to talk about the issue or question face-to-face …send an email or text.

3. Do not drop off sick kids – you know your child better than anyone else. If they were throwing up at 3am…likelihood is they probably should not be at school hours later. Do you like to be at work sick? Kids are not themselves while ill and usually can’t participate in regular school activities. In addition, it’s nice to not bring a sick child to school to infect the other children.

4. Pay tuition on time – Be mindful that your tuition helps to run the school your child attends. When you fail to pay tuition that forces the director to find other means to make things work financially. Most schools supply food, and school supplies just to name a few. These are all things you help to pay for. Have you ever been ok with your boss saying “Sorry, I don’t have your check today, can I give it to you next week?” We understand things happen, communicating early that you may be late with tuition could make a big difference.

5. Show your love – many teachers love when parents volunteer in the classroom. Try offering help on field trip days or special occasion days. Perhaps offer to come read a story or 2 to your child’s class. Do you have old clothes you were planning to donate? How about donating them to your child’s school for the kids to play dress up. Cleaning out the toy boxes?…ask your child’s teacher are they in need of new toys to add to rotation. Most classes rotate out toys every few weeks to keep children engaged and excited. Doesn’t hurt to ask ☺

6. Say thank you from time to time – praise is important to the confidence of anyone. Many corporations praise employees through bonuses, vacations or early release days…we already know child care is a HUGE bill for many parents…we don’t ask for or a pay raise, trip to Hawaii or even gifts…but a Thank you or other encouraging words of appreciation can go a long way! Let us know you appreciate what we do for your child.

What do you think of this list…as a parent? What are some things you want your child’s teacher or provider to know?

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