Spring Fever..The Begging Machine(s)

I don’t know what it is about 70 degree weather that turns my children into sick people, but I highly suggest locking yours in their rooms so they don’t catch “the fever”.  I know you experienced parents have witnessed the fever spread…your normally well behaved child turns into the begging monster!!  Mommy can I have, mommy can we go, mommy I just need, mama please please please?!    It’s exhausting.  The worst part is that we often WANT to give our children all of the things they want (if they’ve been good) but on one income it’s just not financially feasible.  Here are some quick tips I’ve come up with to reign in our little pocket drainers.

1.  Anticipate the want and set the limits early- For example I know that when baseball season starts my son is going to want all new gear and equipment.  This is just NOT going to happen so I remind him to ask grandpa for a new baseball glove and bat for Christmas.  I know the shoes are probably too small from last year so I’ll have to buy those anyway and VOILA!  Enough new stuff to satisfy the kid and I don’t feel bad about not replacing the gloves, practice pants, equipment bag…etc.

2.  Learn to Consign!-  I can’t say enough about this one.  Consignment sales changed my life.  I literally have gone and bought brand new clothes with tags on them for $5 and under.   I only shop on half price day, which is typically the last day of the sale.  I get rock bottom prices and kids stuff with plenty of life left in them.  I also organize our stuff to SELL too.  $5 for a pair of shoes my kids wore once or twice is not a lot, but when you add up three kids and a closet full of things they can’t wear anymore, I can tell you I’ve made out to the tune of $200-$300!  My secret? Price to sell….nothing is more than 5 bucks.  I donate anything that doesn’t sell to Goodwill.

3. Give em a job!-  No really…they all need jobs.  My 3 year old daughter earns nickels for cleaning up toys and not driving me insane from day to day.  She has absolutely no concept of money or how much things cost, but if I tell her there’s not enough in her piggy but we can come back when piggy has more, she’s satisfied.  I’m thrilled because I’ve bought myself more time.

Win, Win.


About TonieReynolds

I'm a not so super Supermom of three. If I had to describe my life in 10 words or less, I might say: "Successfully navigating the art of not losing your mind."
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One Response to Spring Fever..The Begging Machine(s)

  1. Yes, mine beg and I make sure that ALL of them know that I do not tolerate that–especially when we are in the store. I set my oldest up on a system based on rewards…if he does chores and makes good grades he earns points…

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