My Kids are Addicted to What??

It started out all innocent like–they tried a little bit and the next thing you know it was a problem I could not control. My two-year old and 14 month old children would ask for  some in the morning, in the evening and right before bed. Next, they began to cry for it right when they woke up, before they went down for a nap and before dinner and before they went to sleep. Then they began to demand it…all day,every day. If there was none in the house they would scream and cause me to jump in my truck and RUN to the store to get more. That is right… they are officially addicted to MILK.

This would not be a big deal..heck it may even be healthy but there is one fact I am leaving out-this is no regular milk. That would be too simple. They are addicted to Almond Milk. Yes, the milk you walk past for years in the grocery store but you never pay attention to because you assume it is nasty. This obsession started about 6 months ago, my health obsessed sister KEPT bragging about using this milk in her smoothies in the morning. Not knowing how addictive it is I bought it and things have not been right since. Literally from the moment I gave my children a cup full of it and

This is the addiction...

! My daughter even came up to me and asked in her little innocent voice, “Mommy can I have some more.” The rest is history.

You see for the past six months I have been buying a half a gallon of the Silk Almond Vanilla Milk at least once a week. If you add that up that is a total of at least $84.00 on MILK. Now many of you will say, “just don’t buy it.” That is a no no in my household. I have tried to limit the amount the terrible two drink but they will throw down the cup if I put regular cow milk in their sippee cups. One time I tried to be “slick” and mix the soy milk with regular cow milk and my 15 month old looked at me with a puzzled look and threw his cup even further. Defeated, I headed to my local Publix..ashamed but I walked in and bought the milk–with no questions asked.

So like any “good” parent I am recognizing that my children are addicted to Almond Milk. I have asked their pediatrician about if this addiction was okay and surprisingly she looked and me and said,”it could be worse.” I guess it could but I’m the parent..shouldn’t I be the one addicted to shopping, shoes, clothes,etc?  As I contemplate the irony in this situation, I just noticed we are out of milk again. Let me hustle to the store before I get beat up by two toddlers armed with their sippee cups. SMH

So, have you tried this milk? Did you like it?


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3 Responses to My Kids are Addicted to What??

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  2. Good for them! Cow milk is for baby cows!

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