Meet the Layaway Queen

I am in the class called the working poor so I can’t afford the luxury of buying things when I want or even when I need them so I do the next best thing put everything on layaway. I am the layaway queen because when I get to the register I don’t want to give all of my money away at one time and I want everything in my buggy. With layaway I can have what I want, but not when I want it. I can live with that because I will eventually get all of my goodies.

 Layaway is a must if you have kids… at least for me it is. I usually put their summer clothes and winter clothes on layaway so that I can be done with both of them at the same time and not have the hassle of trying to find clothes all over the place. I  layaway at Kmart, Burlington, Sears, Marshalls, or TJMaxx. With Kmart, Sears, and Burlington the layaway is usually 6 to 8 weeks which is good for me because that gives me plenty of time to get everything off of layway without going broke.

Is this you??

Marshalls and TJMaxx is only 30 days which sucks because I have the most at those two stores (yes I have some clothes and shoes for me also it’s not all about the kids). I love layaway I wish Walmart and Target would layaway then my life would be complete.

 What other stores do you know that layaway clothes especially for kids?

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One Response to Meet the Layaway Queen

  1. I love layaway…it helps to take off the guilt when I have spent a small fortune!

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