Bedtime Woes

It seems mommy duties are never done…even in our sleep! Last night I performed my normal mommy routine! “Ok, time for bed! TV’s off, night lights on, no toys in the bed, I’m coming to tuck you in!” Now you would think I was the drill sergeant in an army bunk the way I yell and clap my hands….nope just a mommy to two girls who know how to use their cuteness for evil! In this case evil being -to stay up late, play with daddy and not want to get up in the morning. The way they have their dad wrapped around their finger is ridiculous. He admits it now and even scurries when he hears me get the ball rolling for bedtime. He can’t deny the big brown eyes, puckered out bottom lips or the soft sigh that says, “daddy…I’m not sleepy…”

So last night everything was running smoothly. Both girls in their beds, tucked, TV off, no toys in the bed, and story’s had been read. As a mom I can’t help but to do one last walk through of the upstairs before going to bed. As I walk past the 6 year olds room, she looks at me and tries the “big brown eyes” look…doesn’t work for me…I keep moving! I walk to the doorway of the two year old who has boldly turned her TV back on and is kicked back in her bed…I mean seriously kicked back! Hands behind the head, legs stretched out and crossed. She looks at me and says “hey mommy!”…Hey mommy??? Now I am in total shock because 15 minutes ago she was dozing off into dreamland…now she’s watching TV as if it’s a Saturday morning. I have to quietly calm myself and prepare for battle as I walk over to her television, turn it off, and tell her to go to bed. Just as she was ready to whimper and cry I shut off the night-light! She immediately stops, and says as clearly as an average 2 year old can- “mommy…I tired…I need my light” aka – you won this round mommy and I’m to scared and tired to fight you in the dark…but its on tomorrow night!

Why do children think they can out wit us…even at the early age of 2? How do you get your kids to actually follow the bedtime routine…and go to bed?

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One Response to Bedtime Woes

  1. nylse says:

    My opinion – children should not have TVs in their rooms.
    Therefore once I put you to bed, I dont care if you lay there with your eyes open – you are not coming out of the bed.
    I sound mean, I’m not; some things just aren’t negotiable (not when you’re 2 &6).

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