Planning for the Worse

I know we don’t like to talk about death and especially the death of children. We as parents are not suppose to bury our kids but sometimes life does not work out to be so cut and dry. I have been seeing a lot of kids dying in storms and getting hit by cars and the parents are asking for money to bury their kids. Not only do they have to deal with the grief but they also have to deal with coming up with money to cover the cost of burial. I remember when my mom died she could not get insurance because of her cancer and I had to take all of my savings to pay for her burial. It was hard on me not only have I never been able to recover the money I had saved but I had to think about the future of my own kids and myself. My mom got insurance on me so that I would not have to worry about my burial and she made sure that before she died she had me  get insurace on my son. I kept thinking would this be enough, the cost of a funeral usually starts at $8,000 unless you cut out a lot of things like limos and doing the programs yourself (which is what I did).

I want my parents to please think about getting insurance for their kids and for themselves. I hate hearing parents on tv asking for money to bury their child it hurts my heart to the core. It does not cost much I pay 75.00 dollars every 3 months for my son and started him at 0 age with Metlife. The program I am on is called Term Life Insurance and I pay low payments and by the time my sons turns 18 I won’t have to pay anything else. Now the policy I have does not have any cash value and thats fine I don’t need any cash value just the coverage for them just in case.  Now I only have him the minimal coverage but I figured I can at least start him off with something, if he wants more he can get it himself. I also have the same thing for my daughter I pay 11.00 dollars a month for her. Thinking about death is hard enough but we as parents need to be prepared for anything.

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One Response to Planning for the Worse

  1. I hate to think about this but I have insurance on all of my children. If something EVER happened to them I would need years off of work!

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