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Cheap stuff to do for summer

]Summer is here ** yaaaaaay***, I get to sleep in and save gas. I could not afford summer camp for my son (the cheapest I found was 65 dollars a week and I just can’t do that right now) so … Continue reading

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Tired of the Mounting Grocery Bills

This morning I went to my local grocery store to stock up on less than 20 items and guess what the bill was when I finished checking out? $100! I was disgusted, shocked and financially sick. I know that I … Continue reading

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“Manners Stink!” by Demika Caldwell

Ever since I have been a parent I have had to deal with teaching my kids about manners. My two-year old is determined to be loud, talk with food in her mouth and do any/everything that will bring attention to … Continue reading

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Shopping for Kids..A Headache in Itself

Since summer is here I have been getting rid of winter clothing for my kids and I have a large bag of clothes. Now you might say that’s good for 2 kids but for my budget that’s not good. I … Continue reading

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Honestly Honest

I have had several conversations with people about being “honest” and what that truly means.  We teach our children to “Be honest” and “Always tell the truth” but we are often dishonest to them in our words and actions.  What … Continue reading

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Sorry State of Affairs

When is the last time you apologized for something?  Did you really mean it or were you just keeping the peace?  Do you apologize to your kids if you wrongly accuse them?  These questions have been swirling in my brain … Continue reading

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Traveling With Three Kids???

What is more terrifying than a bikini wax and a household of toddlers with ear infections? I will tell you..airplane + three kids+ mommy -hubby = disaster. Last weekend I went on a dare that could have changed my life forever..I decided to take … Continue reading

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