The Disney Store

I don’t know about you but the Disney store is very high-priced. (I wonder if Disney world is just as expensive… I have never been) I am a “tight wad” when it comes to money and when it comes to toys I rarely spend more than 20 dollars( unless it’s a learning toy). So this weekend we went to the Disney store in Perimeter Mall here in Atlanta. I missed the grand opening a few weeks ago so since I needed to go to the mall I decided to stop by the store. Wrong idea. As soon as my son saw the store he started to pick his feet up (he was walking behind me dragging his feet) and practically ran into the store. Thankfully the baby was in her stroller or I would have had to find them.

We went into the store and the first thing my son saw was the Buzz Light Year action figure price 30.00 dollars I told my son “no” he only had $10.00 from his weekly allowance so that went way over his budget so he told me to put it on lay away. (Umm little boy this store does not do lay away so forget it!) Anyway I told him to pick out a  cheaper toy and I would put some money with it but he can not go over 10 dollars. So on we moved to Spiderman who I had no idea was Disney related. The spider man mask (which it’s not Halloween) was 21.00 dollars! By now I was thinking… “this store is out of its mind.. what does this store have that’s under $10.00?” I started to search around and found some t-shirts on sale 2 for 18 bucks. I said great give me your 10 and I will buy a buzz light year shirt for you and a Minnie mouse shirt for the baby.  He did not want a shirt he wanted a toy (like he does not have enough toys). I looked around and finally saw some toys that were under 10.00 my son started to cry because he could not get what he wanted.

I finally had to sit him down and told him that we can either get a cheap toy, a shirt, or we can leave the store make a decision and make it now. He chose a Buzz Light Year cup with a straw that was $6.00 I can deal with that and he apologized so I even bought him a camera with my money and gave him his change back. (I bought the baby the same things because I believe in being fair) One of the guys behind me had kids who were having a meltdown she wanted a wand or something and he said the wand probably cost 80 bucks. You would think so with the prices they had in that store.

 The moral of the story for me is that I should not go into stores that I can’t afford.

What would you have done in that situation?

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