Better late than never? Time management

I was asked to contribute nearly a month ago and I am just getting around to it.  *face palm* Shame on me!!!! 

So I thought what better topic then time management as a parent.   We have 24hr increments in which to operate and function.  After working, cooking, travel time, sleeping, preparing etc. we are left with about 6 good hours of “quality time” with our families.  So what is the best way to use our time?

For me I try to make sure those moments are FILLED with loving words, educational entertainment, teaching of life skills/spirituality, making “healthy snacks” (will post soon) and anything else positive I can think of. 

I also trump up my time up by inserting myself into their schedule more by:

  • Leaving notes in their book bags
  • Preparing their lunches
  • Eating dinner together
  • Have them help prepare dinner
  • Calling to school to check on them or stopping by during lunch
  • Having their friends over instead of them leaving
  • Taking them shopping or on other errands with me.
  • Letting them sleep in the bed with me sometimes (they are still young)
  • Playing in their room with them
  • Creating songs and stories about them using their names and teaching a lesson (sometimes catered to a current issue they are having i.e. The 2 two brothers who did not want to eat their spinach lol)
  • Meditating or doing yoga with them (Not relaxing at all! but it teaching them!)
  • Taking them to community meetings or rallies with me (when appropriate)
  • Leaving activities or certain foods when I have to be away from them
  • And doing other things that we often unintentionally exclude our children from with them.

I know it may seem like more work but think of it this way:  You only have so many years to shape the rest of their lives ultimately shaping the world for them.  There are no take backs or do overs once they are grown and gone.  What you have given them, showed them and taught them is what they have. 

Even as they get older (and less enthusiastic about your showing of affections) it makes a difference.  You know your children and can tailor these things for them. For example, send teenagers to the store for items for dinner with them having to pick vegetables and fruits (after you have taught them how) or sending “care packages” to college students.


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