Traveling With Three Kids???

What is more terrifying than a bikini wax and a household of toddlers with ear infections? I will tell you..airplane + three kids+ mommy -hubby = disaster. Last weekend I went on a dare that could have changed my life forever..I decided to take a plane ride with three kids (with two under the age of 3) without my husband. Let me say that again… I braved the Atlanta airport with three kids without my husband.

You see I was flying in town for a surprise party for my sister and I had planned a nice trip for the entire family to travel to Tennessee, eat some barbecue and hang out with my family. Two days before we were set to fly I received some bad news…my husband could not get off. I was faced with a tough decision: a.) decide not to go and just “flake” on the surprise party or b.) brave the elements (kids) and travel with just me and the kids. Being the “Super Mom” I am I went with the later.

Now flying with small children you have to be prepared for everything. So I stayed up packing three outfits for each child (even though we would only be there two days), packing diaper bags, snacks, and games for the kids for the flight. I made sure the double stroller was clean and packed it in my car for the airport. Upon arriving things went very smooth. My husband unloaded us all, I checked in and away we went into the mall  Atlanta airport.

The kids were amped to get on the train in the airport (I told you that the airport was huge) but things changed when we approached the TSA lines. The first indicator that things were not going to go good should have been when my two-year old began to mumble, “I’m scared Mommy.” When we got into the line I was prepared to take off my shoes, take my laptop out and basically strip to go through security but multiply that by three and feel my pain. Once I took of the toddler’s shoes all hell broke loose! Little Mama (the two-year old) and the Fat Daddy (1-year-old) began to scream in terror. My son, D.J., forgot to take out his phone and belt so of course the alarms went off and to add to the confusion one of the TSA workers wanted to argue with me that my double stroller could fit into the conveyor belt!

Seeing that I was about to be detained for overall craziness I first had to calm the babies down while basically undressing D.J. and arguing with the TSA worker. Once I got all the children through the metal detector, convinced the women that they would have roll my stroller through the larger scanner I was ready to go! Whew! Upon arriving to the gate, I realized we were the last passengers to get on the plane! So imagine me shuffling down the aisle with three kids. Passengers were giving me the side eye in anticipation of the screaming they were sure my kids would do. As I sat down I quietly prayed for a Godly intervention of temper tantrums and crying fits.

Needless to say the actual flight was a breeze. Little Mama was amazed at the sights from the window, Fat Daddy flirted with the flight attendants and D.J. tuned us all out to focus on his Nintendo DS. Now don’t get me will be kids. Of course my daughter talked too loud and my baby son, began to throw cookies as we were going to land but we were not put off the plane for disorderly conduct!

When we landed I thought to myself.”.this is a breeze, I could do this again!” Yes, that is right at the end of the month I am considering taking them to Orlando–by myself  (if the hubby has to work). So as I reflect here are some tips to ensure you are not arrested by the TSA for unruly children:

  1. Plan ahead. Pack plenty of clothes, snacks and distractions so your kids will not get bored . I packed snacks in the diaper bag and put their milk in a closed cup and I had no troubles.
  2. Take either a really early (or late) flight so to better your chances of them napping during the flight.
  3. Invest in a double stroller if you have toddlers or children who will get too tired walking the airport.
  4. Take advantage of portable DVD players–there is nothing better than being able to watch Barney or SpongeBob in flight.

So have you ever flown with multiple kids? What did you do to maintain the peace?


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2 Responses to Traveling With Three Kids???

  1. ShaylaB says:

    LOL….ha! I can imagine the look on their faces going through security…lol…That is funny…girl I know your pain…I flew cross country with both my girls to Cali…all alone. Hubby had to work also. It was painful the first time (5 hr flights should be banned!). However, upon counting I think we’ve made that trek over 10 times (with and sometimes without hubby) in the last 5 years so they are use to it now. If my lil missy can hang you’re 3 will get use to it and do fi

  2. Great article and good to read about other people observations and ideas when travelling with toddlers. I have a toddler and since going on holiday with friends and their children we have purchased a very popular brand of kids luggage on wheels. Our son is now at the stage where he wants to carry something and helpout,if only for a while! These are great suitcases as they are small and lightweight and kids can pull them along easily, and when they get tired they can hop on the back and get pulled along by mummy or daddy!

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