“Manners Stink!” by Demika Caldwell

Ever since I have been a parent I have had to deal with teaching my kids about manners. My two-year old is determined to be loud, talk with food in her mouth and do any/everything that will bring attention to us in a restaurant.  My son all of a sudden thinks it is appropriate to play his games when we go out to eat. Just last week we were in Ted’s Montana Grill when my daughter decided to scream at her brother because he would not give her his food. After a stern talking to and giving  her a “Mama is livid” look, she hushed her mouth and went back to being a sweet baby girl.


With that experience fresh in my mind, I was shocked when I was contacted to review the book, Kennedy Manners Stink! by Demika Caldwell. Demika  lives in a Chicago with her two daughters and is working on two follow-up children books. The story is cute because it is told through the eyes of Kennedy a precocious elementary school students who has just been put in etiquette classes at her local health club.  After deeming the class as  “boring”  Kennedy claims she has learned nothing in the class that is until she sees her friend, Sabrina, licking her lip and slurping her drink at lunch. Armed with newfound confidence, Kennedy corrects her and realizes that she actually did learn something from that “stinky etiquette class!”

Let me start off by saying the storyline was so simple but so good! My two-year old actually said to me…that is my book after seeing me read it. The character, Kennedy, is funny and reminds me of any child who at first does not see the point in them taking an etiquette class!   I love the illustrations in the book, they are colorful and appealing to a toddler to a 6th grader! I can not wait until I have the chance to read Demika’s next books!

You can reach Demika via her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/demikacaldwellbooks or her personal blog at http://demikacaldwell.wordpress.com/ for information on how to purchase this book! Tell her BossyGirl sent you!


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