Cheap stuff to do for summer

]Summer is here ** yaaaaaay***, I get to sleep in and save gas. I could not afford summer camp for my son (the cheapest I found was 65 dollars a week and I just can’t do that right now) so since my son won’t be going to camp I have to find something budget friendly for him to do. I want to take the kids places at least once a week so here are a few places we will be visiting this summer that are budget friendly.

Browns Mill Family Aquatic Center –This is a  cheap but fun aquatic center; the cost is 3 dollars  for kids under 17 and 5 dollars for adults! That’s only 11 dollars for me and my two kids. We went last year and went early in the morning (as soon as they open) it was not packed when we got there; they have a lot of space for people to spread out and you can even pack a lunch. It gets packed after  noon so be prepared.

Wind down Wednesday  This is free event in Centennial Olympic Park that is held on Wednesday evenings where you can enjoy local musical talents. We usually pack a lunch and I let the kids run through the water at Centennial Olympic Park. The talent is a “hit or miss” but it’s nice to go and enjoy others and meet new people. Make sure you take the kids out especially if you want something free to do.

Tennessee Aquarium This is much better than the Georgia Aquarium and also much cheaper. It’s not that far from the metro Atlanta area and your family can make a day out of it. This aquarium gives you more exhibits  for your money so won’t be disappointed. Check this one out then go to the Georgia one and tell me which one you like better.

Monkey Joe’s  I am tired of the mouse (Chuckee Cheese) so I had to find someplace new to take kids to. This place is pretty reasonable and I try to  go early in the morning. I went to the one in Tucker, GA it was empty and my kids were able to go and play without me having to watch like a hawk (I have little kids and those big kids…..) They have a baby area just for babies. I did not buy any food because they were too high but all in all, it’s a decent way to spend the morning tiring out your kids.

Plain old park – You can always take the kids to the park, I prefer Lenora Park in Snellville, GA. Its far from me but it’s worth the drive. They have a lake, swings, and several areas for play so everyone can spread out and have fun. I love the walking trails also ( yes I do walk every now and then). I go when it’s cool out like early mornings or late evenings. Any park in the Atlanta area should do- it’s free and who does not love free stuff?

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What other attractions are there in Georgia for the “low”?

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