When a Mother Knows Best

As a mother, we always say that we would do anything to make sure our children are safe but how many of us really will go that mile? About two months ago I actually not only had to go that extra mile but had to defy doctors orders to make sure my daughter “Little Mama” could be healthy again.

Everything started off normal (as normal as a household of 5 could be) my daughter got a stomach virus. She vomited three times in an hour and could not hold anything (including water) down. Panicked, I took her to our nearest Children’s Hospital since it was a Saturday afternoon and her doctor’s office had already closed . As expected, there were several children in the Emergency Room with stomach virus. The nurses assured me that she would be fine and that a stomach bug was going around. Once I got back to see the doctor he prescribed her some medicine but also informed me she had an ear infection so he gave her an antibiotic to take in addition to the other medicine. When I looked at the prescription, I noticed it was not the regular antibiotic (amoxicillin) but one we had never tried. I questioned the doctor and he assured me that she would be fine. Leaving the hospital, she was still weak but I was hopeful she would get better.

Fast forward to a couple of days later. She had stopped vomiting the first day but as soon as I gave her the new antibiotic, she developed really bad diarrhea and was so weak that all she could do was lay on the couch. She could not eat and all she could drink was Gatorade (G2) and water. the interesting thing was every time I stopped giving her the new antibiotic she acted normal but as soon as I gave her another dose she reverted back to being lethargic and not eating. Alarmed I took her back to the ER (twice) since every time she got worse her Pediatrician’s  office was closed. Each time I took her the doctors assured me she was fine and to let the medicine run it’s course. By the third visit I was pissed so despite me being at the ER the night before, I went into her Doctor’s office ready to hurt someone.

As soon as the doctor came into the room and I tearfully explained my situation and she say my baby girl laid up on the table she told me what I had suspected. The antibiotic prescribed for her was too strong for a two-year old of her height and weight. In addition, the extreme diarrhea had destroyed her stomach lining and that I would need to build it back up with a specific diet. WTH!?!?!? Was all I could think…you would think that  doctor(s) at a Children’s Hospital would have realized this. As I was plotting how I was going to lodge a formal complaint against the hospitals, my doctor wrote me a new script with a new antibiotic that was not as strong since she wanted to make sure that her ear infection was completely cleared up.As she wrote it, I immediately thought to myself, “I am not giving her that.” When the doctor asked me if I had any more questions, I calmly told her that I would not give her the medicine–we were through with antibiotics. She looked shocked and I further explained to her that my daughter had been on antibiotics for the past 7 days and I was sure that the her ear infection was cleared up. She checked again but said for cautionary reasons she wanted her to stay on some more antibiotics. I again declined but took the script in case the ear infection came back.

Needless to say, I did not give her the script and her ear infection did not come back. Mor importantly she was playing and eating and acting like she had never been sick.What did this lesson teach me? Sometimes as a parent, you have to follow your “gut” and ignore modern science. Something told me that the new medicine was making her sick but I wanted to be a good parent and do what the doctor had told me. What I should have done was immediately take her off the medicine and demand the doctor prescribe her something different much sooner.

When I take any  of my children to the doctor now, I ask a laundry list of questions and if I am not satisfied with the answers I ask for a deeper explanation. I understand that doctors are the experts but everyone makes mistakes and I do not want one of children’s to be a victim of their mistake. Have you ever had a moment when you had to defy a doctor about your child?


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