Taking a Newborn Out

The other day I was having a conversation on twitter about when to take newborns out of the house. In the old days you would have to wait a couple of weeks to take the baby out in public but in today’s world some of us younger mothers have things to do. I could not wait a couple of weeks to take the baby out I had to go and get W.I.C. ( I was poor and I  still am) so I had to show the people at the W.I.C. office the baby in order to get milk. I also had to take my kids to the doctor. I remember when I had my son and my mom was here ( she is really old school) and after the first couple of days she told me to get that baby put a blanket over him and lets “hit the road”. I was surprised but I knew deep down I had to get out of the house.

Why do the older people say to don’t take the baby out? Is it because of the germs? I don’t really know the exact reason but I did cover my baby up when I went out and he is fine. I made sure no one touched him and no one breathed on him. As a mother who does not have a lot of family here in Georgia I had things I had to do. I had to do things like buy groceries, pay bills, etc. so I had to get things done because at the end of the day who is going to do them for you? I remembered when I had my daughter I had to go to the post office to get a money order. The older lady asked me how old the baby was I said 2 weeks she said “and you have that baby out here you should be ashamed” I told her to mind her business I am not from the old school I am from the new school. I felt bad but people need to keep their comments to themselves sometimes.

It’s your world if you want to take your kids out at 1 week then you should have that right but if you want to wait for 3 months then you also have that right. When did you take your baby out?

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One Response to Taking a Newborn Out

  1. Hi there! I found your blog through a post on Far-above-rubies-and-pearls.blogspot.com. I think your writing is really great and I am a new mother of a nearly 5 month old baby. I just wanted to give some quick insight into your question in this post. I’m not old school, seeing as how I am the same age as you, but I guess I do have some old school sensibilities, like exclusive breastfeeding; no bottles, no pacifiers to name one…. I often think about how these sensibilities may change as my family, God-willing, grows, but for now, this is where I am.

    Anyway, I was one of those anal mommas who didn’t want her baby leaving the house before a couple of months. The first time my husband wanted to take her out he got the MAJOR side-eye, but now she’s getting bigger and I’ve begun to loosen the reigns more and more with time. One reasoning I do know of behind why some mothers don’t like to take their newborns out is because of the risk of getting some sort of cold through germs. Apparently, if a baby younger than, I think, six weeks, gets a serious fever, they have to be taken to the hospital and a spinal tap needs to be performed to rule out major illnesses. You can do your own research on this, but I think the reasoning would be that it’s better to be safe and keep the baby in than risk getting sick and having to endure a stay at the hospital and painful testing.

    That being said, i know that more and more mommas do bring their newborns out earlier and earlier for the reasons you mentioned in your post. I hope this answers your question and God bless!

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