The Toddlers Are Taking Over (A Cautionary Tale)

I know you guys have been wondering where I have been but I was accosted by two toddlers by the name of “Lil Mama” and “Fat Daddy”. They literally had me holed up in the house feeding them cookies, watching Barney, and tearing up anything of value. I barely escaped but I had one trick they were not ready for…I had to go to work. The morning of my escape, I acted like everything was normal. I feed them their instant oatmeal, turned the television on Sprout and went upstairs to take my shower. When I returned they were playing with their Dad so I quietly tiptoed to my laptop and papers and BAM I ran out the house.

Usually work is a stressful place that makes me angry but on days were the toddlers have “taken over” it can be my only solace from sippy cups, temper tantrums and fights to take a nap. Now a lot of you “new” mothers are thinking, “what possibly these two, cute, cuddly toddlers could do to get on my last nerve?” Well let me run down a short list of what I endure…

1. They routinely take all the dishes out of the cabinet and BANG them until I want to go and hide in my bathroom.

2. They fight about everything (sharing, being too close to one another, etc).  Everytime they’re less than  nice to one another I make them “hug” it out. It’s hilarious!

3. As soon as they come from school, they take out toys and clutter back up the house making it look like a mini tornado has descended upon my house.

4. They “call me out” when they do not get their way. One day my daughter told my husband, “Mommy did not take me to the Park today!”  

5. Every time I put them to bed they put up resistance–like we have not done this the last 365 days. SMH

These behaviors are just a sampling of what life is like with them but little do they know I have a surprise for them. That’s right, I have a sure-fire plan to get all of that energy out of them. This plan will entail three crucial steps:

1. Befriend the enemy. Now I am an old school parent but for this mission I must befriend the toddlers. So that means giving them something they like such as some Gummy Bears or juice box of some kind.

2. Know what the enemy likes to participate in. This is important especially for toddlers because if you pick an activity they do not like only an “act of God” will make them change their mind. My youngest children love to be outside. They beg rain, sleet or snow to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. So once I have befriended them I am going to take them outside to play–for a LONG TIME.

3. Make them engage in the selected activity so they they can be so TIRED out that they immediately go to sleep and give you (me) some rest. One day we were outside for so long, that my daughter started to fall asleep on her bike! Needless to say, when we got in I did NOT have to fight with her to go to bed!  I am WINNING!!!!

As I go back to my job, I just wanted to let you know that this is a cautionary tale…so let me know what you do to handle “over active” children?


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