{EVENT RECAP} Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey “Fully Charged” in Atlanta

On Thursday night, I was invited (along with several other mommy bloggers)to the opening night for the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey “Fully Charged” Circus (I also gave away tickets here). At first I was nervous because let’s face it…going places with two toddlers can be a major ruckus if not planned correctly. Despite my reservations, we loaded up the car and off we went to Phillips Arena to watch this dynamic show.

First, all bloggers were able to have a 30 minute animal clinic where we got to “pet” the animals and ask questions about the animal up keep and life on the road working for the circus. The circus is in Atlanta for several more dates so don’t forget to attend and click here for more dates and details about the circus!


Family of five please!

Mommy Bloggers Unit!Preshow was PACKED!!!

My oldest son believes he is cool!

The kids looking happy to pet the horses!The kids really wanted to play dress up!

We loved the tigers!!!

In the end we loved the Barnum &Bailey & Ringling Brothers “Fully Charged” Circus! When they come to a town near you, hurry and buy tickets!

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{The Mommy Files} My Son is a Pre Teen

The other day I looked at my first born child and realized something pretty significant–he is officially a pre teen. I know I should of realized this when he reached the double digits in age but a couple of days ago, the realization came crashing in my face by way of a shopping trip to our local H&M. So last semester in school during every progress report and Parent Teacher Conference, DJ brought home straight A’s. These weren’t nineties these grades were more like 95, 96 in all of his classes!

At first I was confused-were the classes too easy but I remembered that I had put in in Honors at the beginning of the school year so I knew they were challenging. I also remembered that night after night I had seen him hunched over the dining room table working on Algebra, Science or English with a worried look on his face. Proud of his accomplishments, I promised him that I would get him any gift he wanted –within reason. So when report cards came out he had one wish–he wanted some new clothes. Or in his words, ” he needed to update his ‘swag’ and Gap Kids was no longer cool.” At first I fought this with “tooth and nail” (what’s wrong with Gap Kids) but after having several discussions, I realized that I had to let him express himself no matter how much I disagreed.

So last Saturday night, we headed to one of the many malls in the metro Atlanta area and landed in H&M. For at least an hour I watched my son try on clothes, look in the mirror and do sample “poses” with the clothes on. Finally he decided on several different outfits and while we were waiting to check out, I happened to look at him and I realized something very important. The child I birthed almost 12 years ago is growing up. He is developing his style, he is forming opinions and in  6 more years he’ll be headed off to college. While waiting with a handful of clothes in my hands, I could feel my eyes welling up and a lump in my throat but I maintained my composure.

While I don’t know what will happen in the next 6 years, I do know that I have to start treating him like a young adult. No more babying him or doing everything for him. Just today I decided to let him stay at home while I ran the block (yes that is a big deal). So as I adjust to these “middle school” years, what advice would you give me?


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The Untold Stories of Motherhood: The Penny Issue (Volume 1)

As a mother I’m used to cleaning dirty diapers, wiping snotty noses and dealing with temper tantrums; however, within the last 24 hours I have totally been grossed out by one of my kids. It all started with a missing penny. After I got done working out, I noticed a spare penny on the ground. I mean to pick it up before one of the toddlers got to it but I forgot and went back to playing Superwoman Mom.

About an hour later, I heard my 3-year-old daughter,Lil Mama,  and 11-year-old son, D.J., arguing downstairs. He kept telling her, “what do you mean you put it in your mouth?” She simply replied, “I swallowed it.” As their voices got progressively louder, I wondered what in the heck they were talking about! All of a sudden it hit me… they were talking about the PENNY! I jumped off the bed and ran downstairs.

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Mom to Work

It’s been 4 years since I’ve worked a job outside the house on a regular basis. I’ve substituted for a school district on occasion but I chose when and how often I worked. Now I’ve got a supervisor and a manager and somebody else decides WHICH 40 hours I have to be there. I have to punch a clock and do sanitation training and well….it kinda sucks! Once you go mom-preneur your heart is never really into the corporate hustle again. These are some things I’ve noticed now that I’m back amongst the working class again.

1. My house will NEVER recover. The laundry is piled up everywhere, the sink is always full of dishes, and where in the world do working moms find time to do yard work?

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Would You Eat in the Bathroom?

Atlanta Breastfeeding Campaign

By: Sojourner Marable Grimmett, Fox 5 Atlanta, MyAtlantaMoms.com

One of the greatest struggles for breastfeeding mothers is to have our voices heard and accommodations met in order to express milk and feed our children in public places. Women have lobbied and fought for years to establish lactation rooms in their places of employment and public facilities. Only recently have states begun to pass laws that help ensure that mothers have a private place to nurse their children.

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The Terrible Twos.

My son turned two on Saturday.

The terrible twos they call them. Well, I can testify that the twos are real and they are indeed terrible.

Since the twos have been approaching, I’ve been noticing a distinct change in his behavior.

NO, NO, and NO.

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4 Lessons Every Parent Can Learn from the Penn State Nightmare

For years I have been THAT parent. You know the parent who is always around, runs complete background checks on the sitter, who rarely leaves their child alone with others, nixes them sleeping over their friend’s house and who constantly has the “talk” about their “private parts” and about who is not supposed to touch them and vice versa. People have laughed at me and called me “over protective” but I do not care. I am determined to protect my children from monsters that would exploit them.

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