Mom to Work

It’s been 4 years since I’ve worked a job outside the house on a regular basis. I’ve substituted for a school district on occasion but I chose when and how often I worked. Now I’ve got a supervisor and a manager and somebody else decides WHICH 40 hours I have to be there. I have to punch a clock and do sanitation training and well….it kinda sucks! Once you go mom-preneur your heart is never really into the corporate hustle again. These are some things I’ve noticed now that I’m back amongst the working class again.

1. My house will NEVER recover. The laundry is piled up everywhere, the sink is always full of dishes, and where in the world do working moms find time to do yard work?

2. My children will NEVER recover. They are currently in shock due to the fact that they have to find their own socks, remember their own homework deadlines, and (horror of horrors) make their own snacks! Thank God somebody forced some discipline down our throats around here.

3. My husband will NEVER recover. Ok, maybe he cares the least about my transition. As long as he’s got lunch, dinner and a willing participant in late night activities, he probably hasn’t even noticed that the pile of shoes he steps over each day is getting incrementally larger. He has however noticed that my new gig has led to a new cable package and he is forever grateful to this working mom.

Sigh. What are your tips for staying sane while holding down the fort and the boardroom?

Read more about my parenting exploits here.


About TonieReynolds

I'm a not so super Supermom of three. If I had to describe my life in 10 words or less, I might say: "Successfully navigating the art of not losing your mind."
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